Setting Your Holiday Table

Here is an excellent idea for your holiday decorating: During the Victorian Era and up to the early 1900s, using specialized knives and forks for eating fish were all the rage. These “fish set’s” as they have become known were usually sterling silver or silver plate with bone or pearl handles. Many of them were […]

Aging In Place

Is your home as accessible and as user-friendly for you as it can be? As we age, our homes can present new challenges. Some simple accessibility home projects are to change door knobs to levered door handles, adding hand railings at tubs and showers, and eliminating thresholds under doors. This is called “aging in place” […]

Everyone Has Favorites

Everyone has favorites; it could be food, drink, a person, or even a furniture style… To be honest, my favorite furniture style is American Empire, and I have a lot of reasons for liking it! • Each antique is one of a kind and handmade in America. • Most American Empire pieces are very affordable […]

Navigating the “Sea of Brown”

Color and wood shouldn’t be the only factors to consider when planning a room though most of the today’s mass manufacturers market that way–everything is espresso-, Java- or cappuccino-colored (think “sea of brown”). One of the best things about buying furniture one piece at a time, as opposed to buying a grouping, is that you […]