Hang that Picture!

One of the best ways to pull a room together is by hanging interesting objects on your walls like artwork and mirrors, but this is also one of the easiest places to mess up. I do not know about you, but I am always a little hesitant when I hang a picture or mirror. For […]

Quality vs. Quantity

One of the first things that I learned when I started my career in the home furnishings industry is not all home furnishings “are created equal.” Different quality levels range from expensive to inexpensive, and in the industry, we call these categories “high end,” “middle end,” and “low end.”  The good news for you is […]

Common Interior Design Mishaps

    With a little time and knowledge, anyone can create a well-designed room.  I would say, in most cases, knowing where the problems are, is half the battle. There are common mistakes in home design. Here is my list for you to consider:   ·         Not planning before you fill it up! ·         Hanging […]

Save The Planet; Buy Vintage

Will selling your vintage home furnishings to someone who would like to decorate their home with them save the planet? Maybe not, but you will save a lot of natural resources by doing so. Welcome to Interiors – a room at a time, we are committed to helping you repurpose vintage home furnishings! Our goal is to […]