Common Interior Design Mishaps



With a little time and knowledge, anyone can create a well-designed room.  I would say, in most cases, knowing where the problems are, is half the battle. There are common mistakes in home design. Here is my list for you to consider:


·         Not planning before you fill it up!

·         Hanging art, pictures, and mirrors incorrectly, mainly too high or too low.

·         Purchasing paint before you buy upholstery and textiles.

·         Not paying attention to color coordination of what you have in your room.

·         Picking quantity over quality for items in a room.

·         Using a rug that is too small, causing it to look like a bath mat.

·         Not thinking about how you want to live in the space and consider the “flow” of the room.

·         Not budgeting and rushing into purchases or the “quick fix.”

·         Not asking for help when you just can’t make it work!

·         The arrangement of accessories.

·         Not adding character: something interesting in a room that means something to you.

·         Not having a focal point or too many focal points.

·         Keeping something you dislike or that feels uncomfortable in your space.

·         Not using mirrors. 

·         Not using nature, i.e. plants.

·         Not considering the real purpose of the space.  For example, office vs. dining room? 

·         Not paying attention to acoustics in the room: it’s too loud when people are talking.

·         Over-furnishing a room.

·         Not considering lighting in your room: not enough or the wrong type.

·         Purchasing too much of one look: following trends all out or creating a dream lifestyle that’s not you.

·         Putting all the furniture against the wall might be a good use of space but not always the attractive choice.

·         Collection overload: “Wow! He has a lot of swords!”

·         Clutter overload: too much is too much whether accessories, pillows or just mess.

·         The scale of interior vs. furnishings: not being honest about the space that you have.


I plan to address all these individually in future blogs and on the home forum, so stay tuned!

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