Everyone Has Favorites

Everyone has favorites; it could be food, drink, a person, or even a furniture style… To be honest, my favorite furniture style is American Empire, and I have a lot of reasons for liking it!

• Each antique is one of a kind and handmade in America.
• Most American Empire pieces are very affordable and available in the marketplace unlike antiques from earlier periods.
• American Empire pieces can be focal points in a room because of its style and the impact that they can create in a room.
• They are conversation pieces both from a style and historical point of view.

American Empire style was in use and famous throughout the US from about 1815 through 1860 with its height in popularity from 1820 through 1850. The form was derived from the French Empire Style and the English Regency Style. On many early pieces, you can see the influence of the Neoclassical Style and many later items have influences from the Victorian Style.

In America, there are many important cabinet makers from this period, but arguably the most notable was Duncan Phyfe who worked in New York. Within the style, you can find a wide variety of classical design motifs such as classical columns, acanthus leaf carving, sleigh beds, dental and greek key carved moldings, animal-paw feet, rope-twist, and cornucopia carving details. In the United States, the most famous room of American Empire furniture is The Red Room at the White House.

The American Empire style is exuberant, just like the new United States of America was at this critical time in its history, and each item is a time capsule of sorts from the formation of this country. This is something to be cherished and enjoyed!



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