Forum Rules

General Posting Rules for using the Interiors – a room at a time Home forums

  • Posts in the Home Forum must be either a question related to the tab (i.e. Interior Design) or else answers to those questions. Users who post about subjects that are not related to the topic will be directed to an alternative discussion forum if appropriate, and the question or commit will be removed.
  • Create one thread and only one thread for each subject with which you need help. Do not re-use existing threads started by others. Even if they are seemingly on the same topic, ask a new question instead.
  • Do not excessively “bump” a thread (post simply to get a thread to the top of the list).
  • Do not post copyrighted content in its entirety, unless you are the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder.
  • Do not post direct links to executable files. Moderators may remove these links to protect users from potentially malicious downloads. (You can post a link to the web page that contains the file download but it may also be removed if a Moderator finds that the web page content could be harmful or if the web page link is spam.)
  • No “Flaming”: Please do not post any messages that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another user.
  • No “Trolling”: Please do not post any topic that disrupts the peace and harmony of this community. Don’t create meaningless threads with the sole purpose of starting a dispute. Trolling includes messages in profiles and signatures.
  • No “Spamming”: Please do not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums. You will not mass-PM or mass-email multiple members of this community the same message. You will not post for the sake of increasing your post count. Users who post forum spam will have their posts removed. If a post that is otherwise appropriate includes links considered to be spam, those links will be removed.
  • No “Offensive” Posts, Links or Images: Please do not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or otherwise in violation of any applicable laws. Including links in your signature, profile, bookmarks as well as posted images, photos, and avatars. No circumventing the censor system. Moderators will decide if something is appropriate or not. Inappropriate media will be removed. Do not use obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or excessively violent language. Do not harass, insult, taunt, provoke, demean, or personally attack other forum members. Be friendly even if others are not.
  • No “Personal” Information: Please do not post your personal name, address, phone, email, private communications, or other information. Do not post any sensitive information, “Interiors- a room at a time” will remove personal information from posts if found.
  • No Posting that is unrelated to the topic: It is the policy of “Interiors- a room at a time” to remove these posts, and this includes all “Politics and Religion” posts.
  • No “Alias” User Accounts: Only one user account is allowed per individual regardless of reason. If another account is found when the original account is under a ban, then both accounts will be permanently banned, and the person will not be allowed to reregister.

Commercial Posts

  • Please do not post any messages anywhere on this site that is primarily for the promotion or advertising of any website, forums, email address, business, activity, or other entities that you have an affiliation with (i.e., no self-promotion).
  • No advertisements or links to advertisements in the forums. “Selling or Wanting” Home Furnishings or anything else is not allowed in the Forums. Violations may lead to warnings and bans.
  • Professional Designers, Photographers, and Artists can have one “showcase” thread in the forum. No commercial representation. No commercial profile, commercial signature, or website links.


Terms of Use

All users at “Interiors – a room at a time” have to accept the “Interiors- a room at a time” Terms of Use upon registration.

Corrective Actions for breaking any of the above

  • “Interiors – a room at a time” can ban users without warning, explanation, or appeal, at the sole discretion of the website’s operator and moderation team.
  • “Interiors- a room at a time” does consider that some users may not be aware of our community rules and are otherwise good users. Our moderation team will try to warn users, but for serious violations and for users that have been warned before, bans may be implemented that range from 1 day to permanent.

Subscription Privacy

  • Any personal information received will only be used to fill your subscription. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. Payment information is handled by PayPal our 3rd party payment processor, “Interiors- a room at a time” does not receive your actual payment details, only contact information.
  • We will assume good faith when dealing with violations; we will only warn or ban users who repeatedly or blatantly violate the rules.  Administrators have the final say in modifying, interpreting, and enforcing these rules. Note: If you see someone breaking a rule or behaving in a questionable manner on the forums, alert a moderator or an administrator and list their forum post. Don’t try to deal with it yourself.