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    Sharing your experience is invaluable. What happens to you also happens to others! I have been a classic car enthusiast for many years, and something that I have found most helpful is a community of owners who are willing to share their experience. I have found that if your brakes are making a strange noise and causing the car to shake when the brakes are applied, there are typically several people out there that have had the same experience and have resolved it. The same goes for home furnishings. If the leg on your dining table is shaky, there is probably someone out there that has dealt with a shaky dining table leg as well.
    I am always advising friends and family on issues with furniture such as the shaky dining table leg example. I have found that in some cases the legs on dining tables are not glued together properly, and it can be as simple as tightening the lag bolts on the back of the leg to the corner block. We also have experiences with our home such as when we need a plumber. There are a few plumbers out there that are fantastic and some that are not. For me, I have used Campbell’s Plumbing service for many years, and they are amazing! I would have never imaged becoming friends with my plumber, but yes indeed I include Pat Campbell as a friend.
    With cars, I have found that a photo can be worth a thousand words, so don’t be afraid to take pictures of your projects and share them along with a little how-to information. By sharing your experience in this way, you will be saving others lots of time and headaches.

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