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    Finish: In the past American made home furnishings were made to last for several generations, this is not the case with most of the today’s products. When it comes to finish, you always get what you pay for, and the higher quality the item, the higher quality of finish will be applied. As a rule, most finishes that have been applied on American made vintage furnishings is of a higher quality than what is used today at any price point.
    Materials: Quality materials help the item to last longer and allow things to be repaired or refinished if necessary. Many if not most home furnishings made today are of lesser quality than they were in the past, this is because of the need for “less expensive items” to sell, and because some materials are not available or of lesser quality on today’s imports. An example of this is in veneer because on most furniture made today veneer is very thin, and the veneer is covering a panel that is not wood. This veneer is too thin to re-sand in order to refinish because you are likely to sand through the veneer to the material beneath.
    Price: The goal with buying vintage is to buy the best quality that you can. These items will have the best quality vs. price relationship and were made to very high standards when new and priced accordingly.
    Conservation: yes, by buying vintage you are keeping items from going to the landfill, which is a great thing!


    My Interiors

    This table does not fit all environments but it solid wood top and finish is wonderful!



    I fully agree with Scott. In 2000 most of the casegoods manufacturing in the USA was sent overseas, to realize larger profits. In doing so, they also found economy in cheaper materials and methods. Furniture made in the United States pre-2000 was of much higher quality: thicker veneers, thicker lacquer coat, far better joinery, less faux finishing to disguise inferior materials, far better fabrics. I could go on. The legacy manufacturers such as Henredon, Drexel-Heritage, Berhndart and Sherrill, just to name a few, produced furniture meant to last for generations. I was a buyer/seller on another auction site years ago, and I only sold higher-end furniture. It was respected and sought after all over the USA and Canada. With respect to upholstery, you cannot beat vintage frames. Double doweled joints, true use of PVA glue (not just a droplet to satisfy the inspectors), oak and ash and maple framing… Today it is OSB, thin ply, and butt joints with staples. Buy vintage and have the frame recovered, it’s an investment rather than a temporary decoration.



    I always prefer to use vintage furniture because they are well made, their furniture is antique and give a good impression to the guest, vintage furniture is so durable, and investing on them is a wise decision for me, in fact, I always buy vintage furniture from ReeCoupons.com, and really there is no better place to get vintage furniture in a very less amount.



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