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    This table does not fit all environments but it solid wood top and finish is wonderful!

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    My Interiors

    Questions for 55 and up – Walt & Judy
    After retirement, many people choose to remodel and redecorate their home to make it more enjoyable and livable. Others decide to move to a new home in a new location. If you have done either of these, please consider answering these few questions about your experience.

    • After you retired did you move and if so how far did you move?
    a. Yes – about 415 miles (by car)
    • If you moved what factors helped you in making the decision to move that location?
    a. Taxes,
    b. cost-of-living,
    c. Lake Norman
    • What challenges did you find in moving?
    a. Selling previous home timely (worked out in the end),
    b. Moving/storing furniture
    • If you stayed in your house what did you consider while remolding or re-decorating your home?
    a. N/A
    • Did you make any changes to your home furnishing?
    a. Yes. Donated or sold many pieces of furniture; the contemporary pieces from our previous home did not fit well in the new house style.
    • If you made changes how did you get rid of items that you had?
    a. Mostly donations to Goodwill, etc.
    b. Some were sold at consignment shops.
    • What was your best experience?
    a. Goodwill, etc. would pick them up and take them away.
    • What was your worst experience?
    a. Worrying about damage to the furniture during the move (e.g. handling by movers, in-transit, storage)
    b. Hauling stuff to a consignment shop.
    • If you sold furniture through the internet, what was that experience? N/A
    • What did you consider in making you home more livable for the future?
    a. We have door levers (not knobs),
    b. Framing for a future elevator was installed and dry-walled over
    • What resources if any did you consult in making decisions about your home?
    a. Internet
    b. Books
    c. Interior designer

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)