Help | Managing Your Store


In this section, you will find addressed most of the issues we find relevant in order to opening an account, selling and buying at “Interiors – A room at a time”. If you need further assistance, do get in touch with us through our Contact us page.


Store SEO

Your store SEO can help you to increase your store traffic. You can set your SEO title, meta description, meta keywords, Facebook title, description, image, Twitter title, description and image.


Managing Orders

The seller will get an e-mail notification in every order of his product. He would get a no-reply message after the order has been placed.

Order page displays the order detail in list. This page shows order number, order total amount, order status, customer details, order date and order action. you could view order farther details manage order status and delete order from order action.

You can filter the orders by Date. Besides that you can also export the order list.

Seller could view and process order status from the order listing. He could complete the order from the action.

Seller could add note to an order and set the note for customer, that will get an e-mail notification for every note added.

You can track the shipment of the product that you are selling. Navigate to you Seller Dashboard → Orders → Click on the order you want to add shipment tracking. At the bottom of the Order, you will find a button titled ‘Tracking Number’.

A new window will pop with three options. You can provide shipping provider name or URL, Tracking number and Date shipped. After providing the information, click on the Add Tracking Details button.

The order details will be updated and a new order note will be added containing the tracking details.


Coupon/Discount Codes

Seller could give a coupon for special customers as a special offer.

To create coupons, navigate to Seller Dashboard –> Coupon and click on “Add new coupon”. Insert name, type, name of product/s the coupon is for, and other details. Then click on the “Add coupon” button.

Under Discount Type, Product % Discount means when a customer uses the coupon in his order then he will get a discount depending on his order total amount. He will get a the specified percentage off the total order amount.

Under Discount Type, Product Discount means when a customer uses the coupon he will get a fixed amount discount on his total order amount.

Managing Reviews

The Seller will see all customer’s reviews of customers on the Seller Dashboard –> Review page . He could see the rating customers gave on the product and manage the reviews status or edit them.

Seller could edit review by the Quick Edit option. He could edit Name, Email, URL and comments.

If seller doesn’t want to show any reviews, then he could mark those review as spam by checking the review and select Mark as Spam and Submit.

If seller wants to delete or send to trash any reviews, then he could mark those reviews as Trash by checking the review and select Mark as Trash and Submit.

Also, if seller wants to unapproved any reviews, then he has to just click the Unapproved button after hovering on that review.

Sales Reports

Sales Overview is shown on the Reports page. On the top of the report there are some options by which seller could view his total sales report (by day, top selling, top earnings, …).


Withdrawing Your Earnings

The seller could view his total earning from the Withdraw page.

The seller has the option to withdraw his earnings to his Paypal account.

To withdraw, the seller must have reached the minimum limit set by the admin.

What is the commission to be paid to "Interiors - a room at a time"?

Interiors – a room at a time will charge a 7% commission on all transactions that take place on this platform. The commission will be entirely paid by the seller and will be automatically deducted from the selling price once the transaction has been completed.