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How to list best your products

In this section, you will find addressed most of the issues we find relevant in order to opening an account, selling and buying at “Interiors – A room at a time”. If you need further assistance, do get in touch with us through our Contact us page.

Write a good product title and a good product description

Write a well descriptive title

  • The title is the key for buyers to find your product. Therefore, it should be as explicit as possible.
  • Separate words with spaces, do not use punctuation or symbols.
  • Check that you have no spelling errors.

Classify your product accordingly

  • Category: select the category your product fits best. You can choose among: Living, Dining, Sleeping, Decor, Antiques and Outdoors
  • Tags: as further help to help your potential clients find your product, add the tags that relate to your listing.

Mention all the details when describing your product

When you add a new product to the marketplace, you will find the form to complete has to fields to describe your product: “Short Description” and “Description”.

  • Short Description: write 5 or 6 bullet points showcasing the main selling points of your product. The info you write will be placed to the right of the main image.
  • Description: this is  the section you can fill up with as much significant and descriptive content as you can.

In the Description field, describe your product in such a way that it is:

  • Complete: includes product status, size, brand, model, technical specifications, aspects that differentiate your item.
  • Easy to read: without many colors or fonts.
  • Organized: An ordered text is easier to follow. Mention first the characteristics of the product and then the conditions of delivery.
  • Concise: users will not read a very long text.
  • To best describe your product, it is recommended to answer the following questions in your Description:
    • Size: Width, Depth, Height.
    • Location: Where is, the item located?
    • Condition: Excellent, Good, Fair, Needs Help
    • Manufacture: Who made the item?
    • Age: How old is the item?
    • Color: What color or finish is your item.
    • Style:
      • Modern: Items made since the industrial revolution that has clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Such as the works of Eero Saarinen, and Charles Eames.
      • Contemporary: Is your Item based on current styles and trends that are adapted from historical styles with modern overtones.
      • Traditional: Is your Item based on a classical style or period. Such as the work of Thomas Chippendale.
    • Use: How do you use the item?
    • Materials: What material is the item made?
    • Unique Feature: Does this item have any exciting features?
    • Weight: How much does the item weigh approximately?
    • Antique: For this website, Antique Items must be over 100 years old. What year was it made around?

Share your knowledge about your item which includes any condition issues.

We recommend using the “text only” option because this will help make your post look fast and good on all devices, including phones and tablets.

The simpler it is, the easier it will be for your buyers to read!

Take and upload great pictures. You can add videos!

  • The first photo of your publication is the one that will be seen in the list.
  • Depending on the product you are publishing, it would be great if you add a white background behind it (maybe you can use a white bed sheet …?).
  • Take big photos
  • Have them with at least 800 x 600 pixels, so that buyers can zoom.
  • Check that it is in focus and well lit. Neither very bright nor too dark: make sure the details of the product look good. And not blurry!
  • Center well the product within the image.
  • Notice that the product occupies the entire image, that is, that it is not cut or very small.
  • Show the actual product, from different angles.
  • Do not upload pictures with colored frames.
  • Do not add watermarks within the image. Also, do not add any logos within the image (if needed, you can add it into the description areas).
  • Do not add disruptive items, like banners or promotional icons. Like above, include that info into the descriptive areas.
  • Videos: Yes! You can add videos of your product! We believe this is a great opportunity to show every single detail from all angles.
    • Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo
    • IMPORTANT: include the link to your video in the Description field (not in the Short Description field)