On the Hunt at Liberty Antiques Festival September 2017

The Liberty Antique Festival is always a great way to spend a few days twice a year.

For me, it is always a fun juxtaposition because it falls very near the date of the High Point Home Furnishings Market and is also close in proximity to High Point. Just like the High Point market, you can find almost anything for the home at Liberty but unlike High Point, everything there is ready for a second, third or maybe even 4th home.
It can be a bit confusing at a large venue like Liberty to find what you want, so I keep three things in mind when looking around.
• Is the item something that I want to use as decoration for my home?
• Is the item something that I collect or holds a special interest to me?
• Is the item something that I think I can resale?

It is always a good idea to know market value when you are on the prowl so that you know if you have found a good deal, great deal, or bad deal. To understand the value, you can use the forum in *Interiors – a room at a time* for advice or visit retail stores and watch online auction sites. At Liberty last weekend, I saw mostly good deals on items that are of interest to me such as an antique American Empire two door commode for $350, so I would say it was an excellent show and the weather was perfect!

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