Save The Planet; Buy Vintage

Will selling your vintage home furnishings to someone who would like to decorate their home with them save the planet? Maybe not, but you will save a lot of natural resources by doing so. Welcome to Interiors – a room at a time, we are committed to helping you repurpose vintage home furnishings! Our goal is to facilitate conversation and sharing of information about home furnishings and to assist in repurposing them.

This website serves two primary functions:  To be a “fair” trading place where you can buy and sell vintage home furnishings and to be a place to share information about vintage home furnishings. Over the years there has been a tremendous amount of high-quality home furnishings purchased, and as lifestyles change, there is always a need to eliminate items. My goal for this site is to provide an appropriate environment where this transaction can occur. I once heard someone say, “I know what I paid for it, and I know what it’s worth to me.”

This is a place to make that transaction happen.

What can you accomplish by repurposing your home furnishing?

·       Recycle resources by using vintage furniture to furnish your home. 

·       Access high quality furniture, a significant percentage which are American made. 

·       Increase the value of your dollar by buying vintage furniture because you are not paying for construction costs of new furniture

·       Help eliminate waste that would fill our landfills by repurposing items in your home! 

So, let’s get started doing our part to help the planet one chair, table, and lamp at a time!

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