Setting Your Holiday Table

Here is an excellent idea for your holiday decorating:
During the Victorian Era and up to the early 1900s, using specialized knives and forks for eating fish were all the rage. These “fish set’s” as they have become known were usually sterling silver or silver plate with bone or pearl handles. Many of them were made in England and America and are relatively plentiful in supply today. They range in price from $50 to $100 for a set of six. These sets, when paired with a vintage silver spoon, makes a lovely table setting if you do not mind an eclectic look.

About ten years ago I purchased several fish sets and sets of coin silver teaspoons for my wife for Christmas. Now we use them every Christmas Eve, and they have become part of our holiday tradition. It is fun to hunt for these sets and find ones that you like. The best part is that different sets tend to blend well because they are all similar in construction.
They give an elegant, collected-look to your table.

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