Shipping home furnishings

When it comes to buying pre-owned home furnishings, one of the biggest questions is how to get it home? The easy answer is just go get it! Last week one of my family members purchased several items from an estate sale, so I agreed to help them get it. They rented a van from Avis, and I rode along to help move the items. Other similar resources for self-moving are U-Haul, Enterprise, & Penske

Shipping is always an issue with large items of furniture, and I think that the “Regional Forum” is a great place to discuss this regarding local movers and delivery companies that you like. There are also many well-known and attractive options for shipping. Some of these are:
Nationwide Van Lines
Xpress Movers
Bus Freighter
The UPS Store, Inc
And there are some new alternative resources which are:
Task Rabbit
And then, of course, you have local movers such as in my area there is:
In & Out Moving & Delivery

One final thought is that it is always a good idea for the seller to remove the item from their home for the buyer so that the purchaser is not liable for any damage in the process of removing the item.

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