My take away from the October 2017 International Home Furnishing Market High Point, NC.

Last week was the High Point Market, and it is always a blast! High Point is a great place to see new trends, colors, fabrics, materials, lighting, furniture and just about anything that can go into a home. During market, I attended two color trend forecasts for 2018, one by Sherwin-Williams and the other by Akzo Nobel. They forecasted color trends and connected color to a lifestyle and mood. Sherwin-Williams named these color trends: Sincerity, Unity, and Connectivity. Sincerity was a softer pastel pallet of colors evoking a casual, cleaner, quieter lifestyle. Unity had richer/deeper colors that evoke a traveling lifestyle with ethnic influences. Lastly, there was Connectivity which is a more youthful direction with colors that have “pop” and are more vibrant and bright.

At the Akzo Nobel presentation, they focused on color trends for 2018 with attention being paid to wood finishes. They also connected color to a lifestyle and a mood, and they named them: Historically Modern, Reclamation, Metallic, Opaque, and Heart Wood. These names are very self-explanatory when you see their images. Historically Modern is a modern take on traditional finishes. Reclamation is derived from the popular reclaimed materials trend and has a rusticated color and feel that gives the item an automatic sense of history. Opaque are finishes that you can’t see through to the wood or materials beneath. These opaque finishes also give a sense of history to an item because they utilize some interesting distressing and aging techniques. Metallic is a bit racier and contemporary in both finish and method. This group of finishes are more clean and youthful and can have a warmth from brass tones or a coolness by using silver tones. Heart Wood includes warm pinker hues in wood and paint and the use of blue.

My impressions of market were;
• The most common overall feeling was casual and sleek or a sense of global travel.
• Color mixes were: Brass/gold, gray/naturals, black/gray, chrome with acrylic.
• Fabrics were: Chunky yarns and woven, plush upholstery with many colors pallets in soft gray and off-white.
• Finishes were: Cerused, with both white and black highlighting the grain, exotic woods, weathered patinas, playful colors, and two-tone finishes.
• Other elements used were soft textures, white stone, non-traditional tufting on upholstery, artisan and craft inspired global folk patterns from India and Morocco.

The October 2017 Market was a hit and highlighted exceptional fashion and creativity for the home. This is indeed a fantastic industry to be a part!


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